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Shipping & Delivery:
Cobalt Safes utilizies the services of UPS Parcel on all safe orders weighing 85 lbs. or less.  All
safes are shipped via UPS Ground for cost effectiveness.  Safe shipments can be upgraded to Next Air or 2nd Day Air per customer's request and at cost to the customer, if available. 

Inspection For Damage Process:
For all parcel shipments, the customer must notify Cobalt Safes of any damages within 24 hours of receipt.  Customers will also be required to provide Cobalt Safes with a brief description of the damage.  If the customer declines to keep the damaged safe, it will be the customer's responsibility to repackage and hold the safe until a claim can be submitted and UPS Parcel can retrieve the damagesafe, this process can take approximately 10 to 14 days.


Shipping & Delivery:
Cobalt Safes ships all safe orders weighing over 85 lbs. via LTL Freight Carriers.  The freight carrier will provide either dock or curbside delivery based upon the delivery location.  Curbside delivery is defined as delivery of freight as close to the actual delivery address as possible.  Please rememberthe size of the tactor trailer and certain safety precautions may prevent the freight carrier from delivering the freight to the actual curb or delivery address.  Lift-gate service is available at no additional charge and it is the sole responsiblilty of the customer to coordinate inside delivery of the freight with the trucking company, sub-contractors, and/or themselves.  The freight carrier is not responsible for the inside delivery of any freight and inside delivery is not a service that Cobalt Safes offers at this time.  Please note that the freight carrier must deliver all freight to its final destination within 48 hours from time of arrival into the delivering terminal.  If any freight can not be delivered within the specified time the freight carrier may require storage fees be accessed. 

Inspection For Damage Process:
In a timely manner all LTL Freight deliveries must be inspected for damage at time of delivery.  All
packaging should be inspected for any noticeable signs of damage to include tears, indentions, and friction marks to the packaging.  All freight shipped by Cobalt Safes us shipped in an upright manner and is never wrapped in plastic.  Any signs of damage to the packaging, freight not being delivered upright, and/or freight wrapped in plastic are justified reasons for the customer to require further inspection of the actual freight itself.  All damaged freight must be refused at time of delivery.  If the damage is minimal and acceptable to the consignee, they will be required to make note of the damage on the delivery receipt at time of delivery prior to signing the delivery receipt.  Under no circumstances shall the consignee discard the pallet or packaging material until the safe has been determined to be in good working condition and/or all claim issues have been resolved.  When the delivery receipt is signed by the consignee without any notes of exception to the damage it clearly states that the freight has been received by the consignee in good condition. Failure to follow the procedures above will remove all liability of damage from Cobalt Safes and require the consignee to file any claims against  the carrier themselves.


Any address corrections, re-consignments, or storage issues due to freight being undeliverable will not be the responsibility of Cobalt Safes and may result in additional freight charges.  Cobalt Safes attempts to contact and notify all customers of any additional fees prior to providing freight carrier with any written or verbal authorization regarding any changes  in the shipment.  Upon, intial contact with the customer it will become  their  responsibility to find a resolution to the delivery issue in a timely manner.  Cobalt Safes reserves the right to authorize the return of any freight found to be undeliverable where the customer, after repeated attempts, is found to be unavailable for contact.  Customers will be charged for all freight charges to and from the point of delivery regardless if the buyer was eligible for free shipping in all instances where freight is determined to be undeliverable and is returned to any Cobalt Safes warehouse.  Freight that is returned because it has been deemed undelivered will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.


Safes can be returned for a period of 14 days from the date of delivery.  All returns must be
approved by an authorized Cobalt Safes representative and returned with a required return
authorization number (RMA).  Safes must be returned in the original packaging and must be
received received in an approved Cobalt Safes warehouse undamaged and unused with 7 days of the issuance of the RMA number.  All freight charges are non-refundable.  All safe returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee.  In addition, if the returned safe is received by Cobalt Safes damaged it may be subject to additional fees.  These fees will be determined by an authorized Cobalt Safes Representative and will be prorated according to the extent of damage.  Customers will be charges for freight to and from the point of delivery regardless if the buyer was eligible for free shipping.  All freight charges will either be prepaid by the customer directly to the carrier or will be deducted from the refund of the safes purchase price. Credits will only be issued upon receipts and inspection of any/all returned safe(s). Safe(s) that are returned without a proper RMA number or that have not followed the procedures listed above will not be eligible for refund. 

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